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anonymous asked : Marina and the diamonds or Lana del Rey ?

Anonymous said: Hi! Are you Jeff x Britta fan or Jeff x Annie fan? :)

Well, i’d prefer to say non

First of all i love britta, more than i love my life and probably that’s why i was so pissed when Jeff betrayed her. Although i mostly like their friendship .I like how they fight, how they dress so similar, talk so similar, act the same way in a situation (communication studies: “oh, now it has arrows that’s safe!” ) i also love gillian/joel’s super chemistry.


And second; jeff definitely have super strong feelings for annie. He denies, but i’m %100 sure that he does. It’s not love cause jeff doesn’t believe in love or first sight or anything related to marriage. But he slowly changes (in a good way). Now, i know jeff growing better is because of his six closest friends but he feels like it’s easier to talk about his feelings when he is around her.

Personally i don’t want both of these pairings to grow a relationship bigger than what they already have :)

"C’mon Annie, you’re my favorite."

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I hope you never die


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joelmclaurie said: Do you know any Joel McHale blogs? Love your blog btw! :)

thanks hon, you’re so sweet .Here’s some of them :



Darren Franich and Jef Castro imagine promo art inspired by classics

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Buzz Hickey: the badass

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Super Spies AU or futuristic sci-fi AU
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Super Spies AU or futuristic sci-fi AU

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To date, no more crackings have been reported.

"With Season 6 of ‘Community,’ you’ll be watching it the way you always watched it, only this time it’s legal"

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